Approve Uploaded Files Before Display

Using two shortcodes, you can place a file list and upload form which are each associated with different folders. Here we will also place the file list above the upload form.

[eeSFL showfolder="Wallpaper" showlist="YES" allowuploads="NO"]

[eeSFL showfolder="File-Uploads" showlist="NO" allowuploads="YES"]

Files will be upload to the File-Uploads folder, which is not displayed. To approve an uploaded file, simply use the Admin File List to move it to the Wallpaper folder. If not approved, simply delete it.

Wallpaper Collection

Help grow this collection of wallpaper images. Please upload your favorites and feel free to grab the ones you like.

1 7ecc67911c Wallpaper 98c08346fe

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550.35 KB03/23/2021

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368.86 KB03/23/2021

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330.02 KB03/23/2021

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938.14 KB03/23/2021

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663.22 KB03/23/2021

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561.01 KB03/23/2021

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341.41 KB03/23/2021

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259.64 KB03/23/2021

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638.92 KB03/23/2021

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608.78 KB03/23/2021

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Upload Files

Processing the Upload

File Limit: 3 files
Size Limit: 96 MB per file.
Types Allowed: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif, pdf, mov, mp4, mp3, zip
Drag-and-drop files here or use the Browse button.

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