Allow Users to Upload Files

Users can upload files if allowed. Like the file list, you can limit the visibility of the upload form to admins, logged-in users or the entire public. The list settings are set to show the upload form only to logged-in users, so here we over-ride that and show it to everyone.

Files will be uploaded into the current folder. To upload files into a sub-folder, first enter it and then upload the files.

[eeSFL showfolder="File-Uploads" allowuploads="YES"]

Go ahead and upload some nice files.

Upload Files

Processing the Upload

File Limit: 3 files
Size Limit: 96 MB per file.
Types Allowed: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif, pdf, mov, mp4, mp3, zip
Drag-and-drop files here or use the Browse button.

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16.1 KB07/18/2022

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298.1 KB07/11/2022

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5.9 KB07/09/2022

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210.64 KB07/04/2022

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17.38 KB05/24/2022

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260.06 KB05/19/2022

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42.03 KB05/18/2022

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79.92 KB05/03/2022

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120.01 KB05/03/2022

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