Gather File Contributor Information

You can optionally gather some basic information along with the file, or files, that the user uploads.

The description is optional. The name and email are required. However, if the list user is logged in the name and email inputs will not appear. This information will automatically be pulled from their user account.

[eeSFL showfolder="Documents/Diagrams" getdesc="YES" getinfo="YES"]

Upload Files

Processing the Upload

File Limit: 3 files
Size Limit: 64 MB per file.
Types Allowed: jpg, jpeg, mp3, mp4, mov, png, tif, txt, pdf, zip
Drag-and-drop files here or use the Browse button.

Thumb 3-way-power-at-light2.jpg

Open Download Copy Link 42.78 KB 2023-01-13 01/13/2023 2021-03-21 03/21/2021
42.78 KB03/21/2021
Thumb 3WPLSS.png

Open Download Copy Link 304.39 KB 2023-01-13 01/13/2023 2021-03-21 03/21/2021
304.39 KB03/21/2021



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