Manage Files in the List

You can also allow front-side users to manage the files and folders in the list. Go to the Plugin’s Settings tab to turn this feature on. Here we use a folder called “Front-End” to hold the files for our front-end users. These users will be able to create and use sub-folders, but they cannot move … Read more

Show Multiple Folders on a Single Page

You can show more than one folder on a single page or post by using multiple shortcodes. Note that functionality is limited when using multiple shortcodes on a single page. Only the first list displayed will include sub-folders, an upload form or file management features. Placing multiple lists on the same page is not recommended … Read more

Gather File Contributor Information

You can optionally gather some basic information along with the file, or files, that the user uploads. The description is optional. The name and email are required. However, if the list user is logged in the name and email inputs will not appear. This information will automatically be pulled from their user account. 1 3-way-power-at-light2.jpg … Read more

Main File List

Using just the basic shortcode, meaning no attributes, will cause the main (top-level) file list to appear. Users can enter the Art folder, sub-folders of Art or any of the other folders displayed. Again, the appearance and functionality is defined by the plugin’s settings, not shortcode attributes. This list is publicly viewable, but you can … Read more